Case Studies

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Peace of Mind 24/7

The goal for me personally is to be doing less technical stuff so that I can spend more time finding new clients.


A new service paradigm

Ultimately, Benchmark 365 dispatchers, qualified technicians and engineers, as far as I’m concerned, are my team.


Scalable support service

Building a sustainable, profitable MSP whilst maintaining an exceptional level of service is a benchmark all MSPs strive for.

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Taking control

The feedback from clients is that the B365 is really friendly, highly professional, responsive and eager to please.

Affinity Smart

Retooling for success

Working with B365 has been a very positive experience and helped with both our growth strategy and focusing more on our delivery.

MSP Automator reviews us

MSP Automator took a deep dive into going with live with B365.“We have breathing room. We have time to do other stuff for once.”